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Email:  Tel: 0412743366





Manipulative Bodyworker,
Bowen Therapist(IOS) & Remedial Therapy Practitioner.

Steve's been a proud member of ANTA throughout his therapeutic career since 2013...




Hi, I'm Steve,

Thanks for visiting my site to find out more about my various bodywork applications and more importantly, my adopted approach to remedial treatment and indeed, the importance of symmetry and the specific and targeted use of the Bowen Technique for improved health and vitality.

If you suffer with headaches or migraines, sore hips, back, or neck, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, shin splints and have the symptoms of assymetry, disfunction and pain, Remedial Therapy, and especially Bowen Technique can sometimes be seen as ' pure magic', due to it's remarkable effectiveness on these types of ailments... 

*The systematic treatment we know as Bowen Therapy, made it's way into the public eye in it's many variances in the mid 80's... You see, Tom never really 'taught' his technique, However he had a team of 'observers' who all have their own interpretations of Tom's work and have then taught and developed the technique accordingly.

It's popularity has spread like wildfire since then and the technique is usually taught mostly in 'recipe form' across 20 countries and is practiced in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The origins of the Bowen Technique go back to 1959 to Tom Ambrose Bowen, a resident of Geelong, Victoria, Australia who was working by his own admission as an 'ordinary labourer'.

Tom had no formal training and left school at Grade 8 for labouring work.

Tom's interest in symmetry and his own technique in remedial bodywork was developed and evolved through his continued treatments at several local football clubs.

Tom died in 1982 and in his most busiest years,

was treating and providing pain relief and resolving dysfunction and asymmetry to as many as 65 Clients per day or 13,000 clients per year. ​​

Stephen McNamara - Dip RMT Melb, Cert BT IBT Melb, Cert ADN CPD Melb.

* Content derived with heartfelt thanks from Graham Pennington's

 A Textbook of Bowen Technique 2012


Remedial Therapy rebates are available with most major health insurers...  

If a health rebate is important to you,

please check with your insurance provider that you have extras health cover for remedial therapy treatments...

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